Sometimes dreams can not be fulfilled

Sometimes dreams can not be fulfilled
I met this story much earlier, and reading it, I tried to imagine some plans, faces, silhouettes, characters.


Then even I did not expect that my ideas and thoughts about the book turn into images on film. Summer reading provoked in me at that time an emotional storm. While reading fought with emotions, because these step by step were getting stronger and harder touched my soul.


Then I was not trying to match the form of specific actors, although sometimes I like to do it. The first encounter with this title in the press did not cause any effect. I went unnoticed, but not enough to forget him. Something sprouted in my mind, and after some time I realized that just the title is very well known to me. I want to reach for it, I want to enjoy it, knowing that it may be a film dessert. Going this way, if I cast in the role of the Iranian immigrant Ben Kingsley, I could not make a better choice.


How eloquent is his role in "Schindler's List", the embarrassment, straightforwardness, full submission to the occupier, while protection from destruction and determination to fight for every human life. Iranian emigrant in the skin feels well. Head of the family, once the colonel with connections, now road worker and salesman in disguise garniturowym. His pride, lack of full acceptance to the environment in which he lives already so many years, at the same time ashamed of what he does and what it does. All of this is his vice, is the beginning of the drama, which in no way looks happy moment, which is to buy a house ... received by mistake rightful owner. One bureaucratic confusion sets in motion a domino standing. Of course you know what happens to them? How would you feel if someone in the morning brought you a gift eviction? You have two hours to pack everything they owned. Are you happy? What you will take and where to go? Jennifer Connelly caught my attention a few years earlier, when I met with her during the premiere of the movie "Mulholland Falls". cinema scanner It was then that I began to fully connect with the name of a person to appreciate not only what is on the outside, but also the incredible talent and an equally good interpretation of roles.


The second time I drew attention to her in a film that does not require any comment - "A Beautiful Mind." The role of the wife of John Nash (Russell Crowe) has been awarded an Oscar. Among her many roles, these two are particularly dear to me. Creation while acting in "House of Sand and Fog" is undoubtedly one of the best in her career. These dominoes, one loses the house, it becomes the second, and now the house is not owned by any of these persons.


Joy brings sadness, anger brings tragedy. In both cases, these are very expressive, intelligent, good retail locations established characters. Even though I knew what was going to happen, it does not bother me keep a careful watch, intently, in concentration large enough that I felt shaking hands, successive images.


Powerlessness, helplessness, sadness, grief, anger, all these states was driven by the particular characters' facial approximation. Fog increasingly surrounded the house, as well as their souls ..


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