Know the latest version of Antivirus 2020

Know the latest version of Antivirus 2020
If you are looking for new antivirus software, you naturally want something that is going to be good at detecting and getting rid of parasite programs. But what many people fail to take into account is the system resources that your new piece of software is going to need. This could have a massive effect on how your PC operates. Here we look at how to make antivirus comparisons so that you can get a product that works efficiently. Regular scanning for viruses is a necessary part of having any computer with Internet access. But some well-known pieces of software consume a large amount of your system resources to carry this out. In practice what this means is that your whole computer will slow down. Instead of flying through computations and opening programs quickly, it will feel like it's taking ages.

Some of the best-known antivirus software are notorious for this. One such example is Norton Antivirus and in particular the Internet security suite. That is not to say that the software is bad or doesn't do its job. Indeed, it works well. But it should be working quietly in the background, not affecting your whole system. So how can you make sure that you get an efficient piece of antivirus software? Make use of any shareware or 30 day trials that you can download from the Internet and use before parting with any cash. This will give you a good feel for how the software will perform. This is preferable to buying the product from a shop, as often they will not accept a return once the packaging is open.
You can also look at the system requirements stated on the product. In my experience manufacturers often underestimate the system requirements. However if you are comparing 2 products and one needs 16MB of RAM and the other 256MB of RAM, you can guess which is going to suck up more of your resources. You should also have a read of antivirus comparisons and reviews on the Internet and in the popular computing press. Examples of products that have low resource requirements include AVG Antivirus from AVG Technologies (formerly Grisoft). This is available in a free version. NOD32 from Eset is another product that is famous for working very fast in the background and has a first class record of virus detection. By considering the resource requirements, your computer will be protected but will still perform all its tasks quickly.

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